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  • How can attacks be avoided?

    ✓ Ensure essential controls are met
    ✓ Find, track, and assess data
    ✓ Monitor event logs

  • What do attacks have in


    75% were not discovered
    83% were not highly difficult
    87% were avoidable

  • How do breaches occur?


    62% system error
    59% hacking and intrusions
    31% incorporated malicious code
    22% exploited a vulnerability
    15% physical threats

  • Who is behind data breaches?


    73% resulted from external sources
    18% were caused by insiders
    39% implicated business partners




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Backup and Config

The daily securing of your server has been a common method for years for being able to act rapidly in cases of error. But what about your network and your security system? We remotely secure your systems and provide you with the configuration as rapidly as possible on request. In case of malfunction we are happy to assist you with smoothly repair your environment. We are pleased to provide you with individual SLAs (Service Level Agreements).

Advantages at a glance:

  • Securing the configurations –daily-weekly-monthly
  • Provision of an archive of the last security measures
  • On call 7x24x365 days a year
  • Inspection of the configurations for errors

Quick Links

A one day security check for your infrastructure.

IP Vulnerability Scan

Attacks on your external systems to determine potential risks.