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  • How can attacks be avoided?

    ✓ Ensure essential controls are met
    ✓ Find, track, and assess data
    ✓ Monitor event logs

  • What do attacks have in


    75% were not discovered
    83% were not highly difficult
    87% were avoidable

  • How do breaches occur?


    62% system error
    59% hacking and intrusions
    31% incorporated malicious code
    22% exploited a vulnerability
    15% physical threats

  • Who is behind data breaches?


    73% resulted from external sources
    18% were caused by insiders
    39% implicated business partners




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LAN Health Check

Do your users also complain of too extensive access times to central resources? Do events occur within your network, which you can't interpret? Do you have to make your network fit for new demands?
... Then we can help you!

We check your network!

We hereby compile the data in your network using the most up to date tools for network analysis.
We naturally respect your wishes in relation to data protection.

With your cooperation we compile:

  • Network capacity in selected segments
  • Protocol analysis
  • Traffic analysis
  • Error analysis
  • Comprehensive protocol and clear statistics incl. of you tops (frames, sender, broadcasts)


We compile the required data within approx.3 hours. Select the most convenient time for you, e.g. mornings when work begins. If you wish we can temporarily flood your network via the analysis tool, to simulate an overload situation. A detailed summary of the results, which we will compile for you within the following week, will assist you in interpreting the collected data. As a subsequent action, our staff will be happy to advise you in how you can avoid the discovered error situations or how to subject your network to a re-design.

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